News – NHS IVF Funding in the UK making headlines…

I thought you would be interested to hear the BBC News Story that is making the headlines today regarding the inconsistencies around NHS IVF funding across the UK:

I was personally impacted by this after being denied IVF at the age of 34 in the Windsor & Maidenhead Borough.  There was also a report on the Victoria Derbyshire show today which I was interviewed for alongside another lady who experienced something similar in Southampton. Take a look at the show here on IPlayer, the item is 1hour 13mins in:

In my role as a 1:1 Personal Development Coach, I now specialise in helping individuals on their fertility journey (regardless of where they are and what they want to achieve) as its often a very emotional and difficult time.  I would be happy to share more information if required about my own experiences and also how I’ve moved on to help others in this area of their lives.

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